AFTC, established in 1995, is an Engineering and Metal Forming Technology Company located in Bangalore, India. AFTC is involved in marketing of FEM/BEM based products for analyzing and designing the processes & products. Several Foundries, Engineering Analysis Groups, Forge Shops, Weld Houses, Sheet Metal Companies, use these software packages both in India and worldwide, in their Design and Production Cycle.

AFTC provides FEM/BEM based simulation services for process and product design. Process design services – Forging, Heat Treatment, & Welding.

Product design services Static analysis, Thermal analysis, NVH, CFD, Mechanical Event Simulation, Fatigue & Crack Growth Analysis. AFTC uses the leading Simulation Software Tools such as DEFORM, SORPAS and BEASY as its Simulation Engine.

AFTC has established itself as a leader in providing process modeling & simulation services. It has catered it’s service and support to various Forging industries, Engineering Analysis Groups, Automotive manufacturer’s (Tier1 &Tier2 OEM’S), Aeronautical industries & premier educational institutions like IISc & NIT’s.

Key Persons:
Dr. V Janardhana
Managing Director

Mr. V Gopalakrishna
Technical Director